Best retro kitchen scales

best retro kitchen scales

Looking for the best retro kitchen scales? Awesome then read on cause here at Retro N Funky we got you covered!

Pride and place in my kitchen are my weight scales, i use them all the time for baking so without further ado di do di do…here’s our Top 5 Retro Kitchen Scales

Kitchen Scale With Stainless Steel Tray (RED)

  • Portion foods and ingredients in retro style with this kitchen scale.
  • A gleaming nice red or gray color with a stainless steel finish tray this 22-pound (10-kilogram) capacity scale.
  • Easily remove and clean the stainless steel weighing bowl.
  • Calibrate the scale using the adjustment knob at the base of the unit.
  • With 1-ounce and 50-gram increments, the large 3.25″-inch diameter dial features bold red, white, and black graphics for easy reading.

Love this!!!! Don’t need batteries and it looks nice also! I use it for measuring grains for home brew.

This scale has worked exactly as I hoped!

I like being able to check weights that some Pinterest recipes have.

I love the color also and the retro look and feel.

It weighs precisely which is what i wanted.


Vintage kitchen scale 5 kg – beige

  • Retro Mechanical Scale up to 5 kg with 2 liter stainless steel bowl – Beige
  • Color : Beige
  • Material : Steel
  • Product type : Kitchen scale
  • Product size : 22,5 cm

Very easy to assemble and measures accurately.

Perfect if you do plenty of baking.

Loved the fact its got an old-fashioned look scale and that i dont have to use batteries which always die at the wrong time when i need the scales!

It fits well in my kitchen and i find it easy to clean also after use.

Got my friend a set after she loved it so much when she visited.


Update International 2 Lb Analog Portion Control Scale

  • Scale has a rugged yet easy-to-clean enamel finish
  • Features a large 7-inch analog dial read out
  • It has a 7-inch by 7-inch square platform to weigh ingredients to the nearest quarter-ounce

This scale is replacing another update scale that was accidentally knocked to the ground.

This is the only scale that I have ever liked.

I have been in the restaurant business for 45 years its the only one that is accurate.

I adjusted it once and never had to since. the easiest to read scale ever.
Skip the digital – old school is the way to go!


American Peachtree Precise Mechanical Kitchen Scale

  • Simplicity is key with a weighing option of grams in a clear and large face
  • Easy Read Dial – Large dial display features units of measure for proper portioning
  • Quick taring – Easily adjust measurement to weigh multiple items accurately and quickly

Works great! I like that you can adjust to zero if you put on a heavy bowl. I wish it had a flat platform instead of a bowl.

I didn’t want digital, I wanted a scale with a dial.

You adjust to zero by turning a knob, which is usually how these scales work. I use it for weighing packages to mail.

It’s almost all plastic throughout, but very sturdy.

The plastic tray is removable and easy to clean.


Tada Precise Analog Food Scale

I actually use this scale for my clay making work.

Its super precise and i like that it weighs up to 11lbs.

Tried looking for another one but ended up settling with this and its not disappointed me!

Easy to clean and its metal so very sturdy and well made.


KitchenCraft Living Kitchen Scales

KitchenCraft are a great brand and ive got some of their other household products.

Always built to a quality standard and usually last a long time.

As with some of the other scales above, these are made from metal and the weight measurement works really well and is extremely precise.

I like the removable top which is easy to clean after use.

The cream color works well with my kitchen decor and i like the old fashioned look and feel.


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