Best retro skateboards

best retro skateboards

Back in the day i loved to skate, whether that was on rollerblades, normal inline skates or on my skateboard. I remember getting my first skateboard when i was 8 and i got it for Christmas.

Fast forward many years later and i still skate on a collection of 3 boards that i own.

Below im going to list some of the best retro skateboards out there right now so you can see for yourself the pros and cons and if you are looking for a skateboard yourself, you can choose one.

Happy Skating!

Retrospec Quip Skateboard Classic Retro

  • 22.5″ x 6″ injection-molded 70’s-style retro street cruiser, made with highly flexible plastic
  • Ultra-smooth-gliding and highly flexible polyurethane casted wheels enhance durability and comfort while skating
  • Lightweight and portable at less then 4 lbs. & fits perfectly in most backpacks

I bought this penny board to use at the beach and when walking my dog. I find it way more valuable than the name brand penny board.

Same value for a much more affordable price. The color is really eye catching.

Board rides super smooth and the bearings are not too loose, they can be tightened. I highly recommend this board to anyone who is looking for a beginner penny board to take to the beach or on the sidewalk.

+Bright, beautiful colors
+Very smooth while riding
+Bearings are not too loose and can be tightened
+Tremendous value and not super expensive

-Plastic wrap difficult to remove around bearings
-Bright colors get dirty very easily


Cal 7 Complete Skateboard

  • SOLID SPECS — 7.75 x 31 inch deck with a 7-ply maple construction and 99A wheels.
  • HEAVY DUTY HARDWARE — 5-inch aluminum trucks and ABEC 7 bearings are tough for gnarly skating.
  • SMOOTH RIDE — 3mm riser pads and HR90A bushings prevent wheel bite and make for easy carving.
  • GOOD TO GO — A complete skateboard with pre-applied grip tape so you’re ready to ride.

My son owns this board and really likes it, its super easy to ride and the grip on the deck is solid.

Its made with good quality parts and the bearings in the wheels are very solid too. We adjusted them a little and added some oil just to give them extra spin and it worked really well.

There are many colors to choose from so your kid can be unique and we really liked the price for such a cool board.


MEKETEC 22 Inch Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard 

Another one of my sons boards 🙂 he has like 5!

I wanted a good quality sturdy and durable, fun board, without spending a load as this is great value.

These boards are confidence builders, for learning balance, easy to manipulate for doing turns, gaining momentum for doing beginner tricks and they are built to take a beating.

Once he was able to determine how it felt to find his balance he just took off.

The softer wide wheels were perfect for gliding over the bumps, cracks and sidewalk imperfections.

A really nice ride at an affordable price, your kids will love them!


KPC Pro Skateboard Complete

  • Canadian Maple Construction
  • 7.75-Inch Deck
  • White 52mm Wheels
  • Black Aluminum Trucks
  • Black Grip tape

Super cool board, rides well even over bumps and available in plenty of colors on the reverse side.

Durable and can be thrown around without the hassle of it breaking.

The grip on the top is super strong! This is great when you want to do tricks and lean into turns and bends.

Trucks are metal and bearings solid. Not sticking with them which sometimes happens on low quality skateboards.


Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard 

  • Designed to be fun to ride and portable to carry around, this is our go-to board for anyone who skates everywhere.
  • Length = 27.5″ | Width = 7.5″ | Wheelbase = 18.5″
  • Canadian maple deck with high quality components
  • The double kick tails for added fun and versatility
  • Sand grit finish on top to grip your feet and show off the maple deck.

An amazing 27″ cruiser. My fiancee is a longboarder and says its super fun to ride, portable and helps him when changing to different style boards.

An A for the overall quality and construction and B+ on the wheels and trucks, assuming you make them in house, they seem to be built well.

Its also super light and the board shape is perfect if you like carving around the neighborhood. The clear spray-grip and the artwork are done right and finishes a truly great looking mini cruiser.

Great value for money and the board is not too thick and heavy so its easy to carry too when commuting.


27-inch Vintage Skateboard  

  • MoBoard skateboards come fully assembled and ready to ride in 23 different fun, colorful styles perfect for kids and adults alike. Stand out from the rest with your one of a kind MoBoard
  • Long lasting Abec 7 Wheel Bearings, 59mm Urethane Wheels and 3inch lightweight aluminum trunks built to last and endure everyday use. Weight limit is 100 kg or 220 lbs!
  • With its sharp turns and small surface area, MoBoards are the perfect way to get around town! With our 22in Board you can Skate where you need to go and simply carry in your backpack when done!
  •  Interchangeable Wheel Sets – Add a personal style or look to your board with a wide range of different size and colors skateboard wheels that swap out easily with our T-tool sets

Probably one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. I love how convinient and easy it is to ride.

For a beginner you can learn how to ride it right away. The designs are so nice and unique.

Wheels and bearings are smooth and the board rides great for a pennyboard, turns are easy and quick.

Great option at this price!


Skateboarding is a cool hobby and i enjoy my time riding out. We are lucky to have a skate park nearby so easy to get some skate time in with friends or solo.

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