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Retro Bluetooth Headphones. I have to admit it, I am mad over the top and in love with headphones. I have a vast collection and can never stop adding to it! My collection consists of brands like Sennheiser HD, B&W, BOSE, Bang and Olsen to name just a few!

All the headphones and speakers I have purchased (I have a slight addiction) and I have no preference to any manufacturer or brand. As long as they are good value for money, have a cool retro look and feel then im keen to add them to my collection J

Right now my main go-to are the Sennheiser Momentum 2.0  and as I love all types of music, I have gone ahead and tested each headphones below for you.

What are the best retro Bluetooth headphones?

The best retro Bluetooth headphones to buy in 2020 are in my opinion the Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 headphones. I have a pair myself and find the sound quality, construction quality and value for money amazing .  If you are on a budget you will find im sure our Top 10 list below of retro Bluetooth headsets really useful.

My Top 5 wireless retro bluetooth headphones

  1. Sennheiser Momentum 2.0
  • Over-Ear
  • Closed-back
  • 40mm drivers
  • 0.57 lb 
  • Passive: 28 ohm and active: 480 ohm
  • 113 dB
  • 16Hz – 22kHz 
  • 22-hour battery life

The Sennheiser Momentum is one of the best brands in the world when it comes to sound quality.

Sennheiser is also known for its quality, and that’s probably why gamers around the world use them during gaming tournaments.  

This particular headset is no exception to the rule when it comes to quality, the real leather ear cups with memory foam cushions, and stainless steel headband are a few features to highlight first.

The signal is also very strong, you can easily walk around your apartment or house and be guaranteed they will keep their signal.

One handy feature is that they feature a wire (very retro
J ) should the battery start to die.

Out of the list below, these are the pair of best retro bluetooth headphones out there in the marketplace right now and you can:

Grab the BEST price on amazon here for the: Sennheiser Momentum 2.0

2. Master & Dynamic MW60

  • Over-Ear
  • Closed-back
  • 45mm Neodymium drivers
  • 0.77 lb
  • 32 ohm
  • 120 dB
  • 5Hz – 25kHz
  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • 16-hour battery life

The MW60 is definitely one of the best closed-back Bluetooth headphones you can get unless you spend $$$$$ for another brand of such premium quality.

Just like the wired version MH40 these headphones are simply fantastic however come at a higher price, great if you have the budget for these and they are definitely on my collection list to stay permanently!

Sound quality wise these are untouchable. Its always surprising when you find companies that specialize in a certain product range or industry that actually make brilliant quality products.

For sound balancing, they are ideal and one of the best headphones I have owner in the price range of under 500$, these come in at #2 on my list of the best retro bluetooth headphones.

Grab the BEST price on amazon here for the: Master & Dynamic MW60

3. Bowers & Wilkins P5

  • On-Ear
  • Closed-back
  • 40mm drivers
  • 0.47 lb
  • 22 ohm
  • 115 dB
  • 10Hz – 20kHz
  • 17-hour battery life

Another excellent brand are Bowers & and Wilkins whom are well known for their quality speakers, and headphones.

The B & W P5 are the next gen from the P3, and they have really upped their game here.

Featuring Leather pads and memory foam on the ears it really makes them feel comfortable for long hours.  

The B & W P5  are foldable and feature a cool hidden auxiliary  plug, so you can easily charge should the battery start to run low on you.

How things look to you or me is always subjective however I really like the way these look and feel like a premium headphone set.

Grab the BEST price on amazon here for the: Bowers & Wilkins P5

4. Ghostek Rapture

  • On-Ear
  • Closed-back
  • 40mm drivers
  • 0.56 lb
  • 32 ohm
  • 110 dB
  • 20Hz – 20kHz
  • 10-hour battery life

I purchase a pair of the Ghostek headphones last year and they are also part of my prided collection, a truly great looking and wearing headphone.  

Great sound with crisp and clear highs and superb low base.
Extremely comfortable, even when wearing for long periods of time.

They do feel heavier that other pairs I own but that isn’t a negative. Headphone are never made equally as it depends on the manufacturer. I thought I should just mention that in case you are considering these.

Locating buttons is easy and have a very techy look and feel. I love the led lights which are super handy and great at night, they give off a radian feel when relaxing and listening to some beats.

Noticeably is the batter life which lasts ample time and recharges in no time too!

Grab the BEST price on amazon here for the: Ghostek Rapture

5. Marshall Major 3

  • On-Ear
  • Closed-back
  • 40mm drivers
  • 0.53 lb
  • 32 ohm
  • 99 dB
  • 20Hz – 20kHz
  • 30-hour battery life

Yes that’s right, 30+ hours of wireless playtime from one charge!

These feature a really cool retro look and the leathe feel is a nice added touch!

With the aptX technology not only does Bluetooth aptX play music at a higher bitrate, but it also minimizes audio/video syncing issues

The signal range is easily 30 feet which gives you a great sense of freedom to move around without the fear of losing connection.
Marshall are a very well-known brand and at this price they should be over looked !

Grab the BEST price on amazon here for the:  Marshall Major 3

All the headphones listed above are my own personal favorites and I hope I was able to help you feel more knowledgeable on these brands and models. They have a great retro feel and look and should definitely be considered for your own collection.

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