Retro desk clock

retro desk clock

Waking up in the morning can be a tough task. The sound from my retro desk clock usually does let me wake up in a pleasant mood as its not on the soooo loud side but loud enough to wake me up!

I havent opted for a smart clock as im more into my retro, old school and vintage these days.

After doing a little research, ive found some nice retro desk clocks that can be used just as a clock or indeed an alarm clock. Either-way, these are super cool and affordable.

Betus Retro Style Flip Desk Clock 

I’ve had this for over a month and it keeps great time.

Its quite a statement piece and people really notice it.

I got it mainly cause its real different from the traditional clocks you see.

Its really vintage looking and would sit well in someones home that is trying to go for the old school retro look.

Very happy with the purchase and for the price its a great deal.


NIKKY HOME Pewter Vintage Table Clock

Love the gold finish

Works as expected and keeps the time well

It can be placed in the stand it comes with or even hung on a wall.

Its very vintage looking and i think anyone going for the old vintage look at home would enjoy this clock.

Would sit well on any display or coffee table really as its not a huge clock but just the right size for small to medium sized living room


Kikkerland Retro Alarm Clock

Beautiful retro looking clock in a nice retro green color
Perfect for a night stand or office
I love its simplicity
The hands light up in the dark but there isnt any back light, super old school, just the way i like it!
Runs off AA battery and the alarm works really nice too, definitely will wake you up in the morning !


Meko Retro Desk Alarm Clock

Super cool looking clock
Can be used as an alarm clock or just as normal clock to sit on the desk or wherever you would like to place it
I love the retro blue color, it oozes old school vintage
I like the silent aspect to it meaning there is no ticking which can be annoying!
Its lightweight and has hands that glow at night so you can tell the time easily.
Alarm works well and gets me up on time in the morning

Great clock at a great price!


Chelvee Vintage Alarm Clock

A nice cute retro looking clock

Fits in the palm of my hand so not big in size but perfect for next to your bed or on your desk at work.

Does a good job at telling the time, date and alarm is loud enough to wake you

Like with the other clocks above, this has no ticking sound so its nice and quiet and just sits and does its job, to tell the time!

Its battery operated so bear that in mind however they don’t consume a lot of power so it should run for quite sometime.


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