When did retro fashion start

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When did retro fashion start?

Many people get into and out fashion and dont sometimes know how it came into fashion. Retro fashion has been around for some time now but when did retro fashion start?

The meaning of retro in a fashion sense, first started being applied to clothes during the 1970s and it refers to styles that are either copied or adapted from earlier periods.

The retro term was originally coined from London designers and soon became a common term throughout the fashion world.

Why is retro fashion so popular?

I can think of plenty of reasons why retro fashion is so popular.

One of the reasons is that consumers want to look and be different and as mainstream fashion keeps churning out new clothing on a mass-produced level, consumers end up wearing the same clothing items as the masses.

There is something unique in retro fashion that allows its followers to have a sense of individualism which bodes well with their wanting to be different and one of a kind.

What is retro clothing style?

Let’s say retro clothing style is referencing towards a past style and bringing it back into fashion.

Some manufacturers just come right back out with a previous particular style whilst others will embode into their patterns and designs retro styles with a twist.

This could be for example using a certain patter onto the collar of a shirt or pattern on a dress.

What is retro modern style?

Retro modern style as the term goes is the use of something retro but brought into the modern century time of present.

You can liken this to say a piece of furniture, say a chair, the body or main structure of the chair. It may be as normal but the fabric may have a retro styled fabric laid over the seat cushion to allow it to pop but presenting a retro look and feel.

Another example could be a “retro style refrigerator” the fridge is shaped in an art deco style with large silver handles, the same like you may see in an American diner and the color used to paint the fridge be a mint green or faint blue.

What is retro short for?

Retro isnt really short for anything, its a reference to the time of recent past and all things belonging in that recent past.

Who are the most famous retro fashion designers?

Raymond “Ossie” Clark (9 June 1942 – 6 August 1996) was an English fashion designer who was a major figure in the Swinging Sixties scene in London and the fashion industry in that era.

Clark is now renowned for his vintage designs by present-day designers.

Clark is compared to the 1960s fashion great Biba and influenced many other designers, including Yves Saint LaurentAnna Sui and Tom FordManolo Blahnik has said of Ossie Clark’s work:

“He created an incredible magic with the body and achieved what fashion should do—produce desire.” 

Ossie Clark and Ossie Clark for Radley clothes are highly sought after, and are worn by well known models such as Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell.

Bonnie Cashin (September 28, ca. 1908– February 3, 2000) was an American designer, she is considered to be one of the pioneering designers of American sportswear.

She created practical, uncomplicated clothing that catered to modern, independent woman of the post-war era through to her retirement from the fashion world in 1985.

How can I make myself look retro?

There are many ways to make yourself look retro.

This could be the way that you dress or the hairstyle you decide to go for or even the make up and colors you choose to us.

In this video is an example of a retro hollywood style and look.

In Summary

As with all things retro, it can be defined as a reference to the past recent time.

There are some many cool and retro looks out there in fashion to choose from and its really up to you to decide on how you’d like to style yourself.

There is no right or wrong retro fashion, fashion is how you choose it to be and wear that style with confidence and be individual to yourself.

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