Why is retro cool?

Retro is cool

Why is retro cool?

Wondering why is retro cool?

Personally i believe retro is cool is because like many things in our lives if we feel we associate with something then we become attached and engrossed in it.

What do i mean by this you may ask, well, let’s say like a football team, you strat to watch the games, get into the sport and all of a sudden you become a fan of a particular team. Same thing with why retro is cool in my opinion.

People like to feel a sense of belonging, part of a crew but at the same time they also like to feel unique. This could be in the type or style of clothes you wear, the way you choose to decorate your house etc.

Have you eve watched the Austin Powers movie, i am sure you have?
Think of the clothes they wore, the way they spoke, the theme of that movie was very retro and cool!

Retro Sneakers

Remember any odd these? These are some sneakers that were designed quite a number of years ago but have also been brought back into production for the current day and time, why, cause they are cool and retro!

Retro Fridge

I hope you get why retro is considered cool now or can at least associate with it, its a way of life to be honest and there are many things out there that you can buy that are retro.

We have written several product review articles on retro and vintage related things you can have in your life.

Some i find super cool and i actually have quite a few them at home, especially in my kitchen

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