Why is retro fashion so popular?

I can think of plenty of reasons why is retro fashion so popular.

One of the fundamental reasons is that people or consumers really just want to have a unique look and feel about how they dress or the way they style their homes.

I mean who wants to look like the masses, right!?

Now how you choose to style yourself is up to you, there are really no rules in fashion only how one person to the next may perceive you.

But who cares what everyone else thinks, retro fashion allows you to be different, out there and off the charts!

What is retro in fashion?

The term “retro fashion” (also known as “vintage inspired”) refers to new clothing, shoes, and accessories that are designed to resemble clothing, shoes, and accessories that are at least 13 years old or older.

“Vintage fashion” (or “vintage clothing“) refers to the original (old) clothing the new designs are based on.

What is retro clothing?

If we refer to Wikipedia whom describes Retro style as “a style that is consciously derivative or imitative of trends, modes, fashions, or attitudes of the recent past.

Generally implying a vintage of at least fifteen or twenty years. For example, clothing from the 1980s or 1990s could be retro.

Retro clothing really relates to recent, new or modern items of clothing that are purposely manufactured with a particular reference towards past styles and materials.

Vintage clothing, on the other hand, doesn’t refer to any particular time period in say the past but is noted as the way a particular piece of clothing is made the clothing is made.

To break this down in simpler terms, retro clothing is an item designed to reflect fashion times gone by. Clothing can also be vintage and retro.

Break this down further and lets say the said piece of clothing was manufactured in 1992 (90’s) for example to best replicate the styles of the 19080’s then this particular item would be both considered vintage and retro.

Retro vs Vintage

Again in simple terms, vintage clothing is derived from a specific era, normally 15-20 years old vs retro describes the style in which the clothes are made to replicate old or past patterns, styles or designs.

Confused? I know right…it can be easy to be and to be honest its very subjective and taboo in a way, that’s why we love retro and vintage!

What does it mean to dress retro?

This can refer to the type, style, patterns of the clothing you choose to wear.

Consider wearing really bold colors and patterns/styles,  for example wearing shirts with one or two breast pockets, and an over loose fit round the body.

You would wear them tucked into your pants that would have say high waist and a leather belt. You could also wear braces or suspenders instead of a belt for a complete vintage and retro look.

Retro as we have covered really relates to a time of recent past so you can really dress the way you want just using older styled patterns and colors etc if you want to dress retro.

In summary

Retro fashion doesnt need to be complicated, just follow past styles that have been brought to the modern era purposefully and you’ll be good to go, think of Addidas sneakers, how many styles they have out now that look and feel older than they are, you get the point…!

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